Repel Teflon Travel Umbrella

Finding a good umbrella isn’t that easy.

You may think that all umbrellas are created equal but they’re not. Yes, they’re designed to shield us from the rain, but you need one that is easy to carry around, be able to withstand windy conditions and one that is built well. Of course, it’s always a bonus if they’re automatic too.

So what more do you want from and umbrella really?

Fast drying apparently.

To be honest, this one hasn’t crossed our minds until we saw the umbrella by Repel.
It’s a compact, Teflon coated, fast drying umbrella. The spec sheet seems impressive too…

9 Resin-reinforced fibre glass ribs gives the umbrella a windproof frame, and a coating which is claimed to give the umbrella the capability of drying instantly – allegedly anyway.

It’s super light, super compact, so it makes for a good travel umbrella.

At the time of writing, the umbrella is sold for £18.95 from Amazon. Other colours are available.

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