Yellow Rainlax Travel Umbrella

This popped up on our radar over the weekend. The Rainlax travel umbrella.

Now, before you mention the colour, it does come in black, blue and red as well as the yellow.

An apparently ‘superior’ umbrella that was designed with durability in mind, it seems rather sturdy and reasonably well built. What’s more important of course, is the fact it’s an automatic umbrella! As you can tell we love automatic umbrellas. In fact, all umbrellas should be automatic.

The handle design seems ok. We’re generally more a fan of the hook design umbrella handles as we find there is better grip with those, but the Rainlax umbrella sports an anti slip grip. Basically it has a nice rubberised like grip to it, with a bit of plastic in between so it doesn’t get too clammy holding it. Where it lacks the hook, it makes up for a strap though, so you have bit more assurance that you’re not going to lose this thing in high winds. In fact, we found the handle to be quite handy for tying it onto our bags or dangling it from our hands when not in use.

The Rainlax umbrella is apparently made very sturdy by the use of something called pongee fabric – we’re not exactly sure what that means, but it’s apparently results in faster drying material is more ‘rain repellent’ than ever. I mean, we’ve tried it and found this to be be case, but nothing incredibly ground breaking that’s for sure.

Of course, most importantly of all ( aside from shielding you from the rain), the Rainlax travel umbrella is quite compact, light and easy to carry.

Need one to protect you from the rain?
Rainlax comes in 4 colours, and is available from Amazon.

Price – £14.99 


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