We love automatic umbrellas. It may sound like a gimmick to ‘regular’ umbrella users, but you do not realise the convenience of having one until you owned one.

We found the PLEMO umbrella on Amazon. In fact, it’s apparently the highest rated and most popular umbrella on Amazon right now.

Built to give you ‘Peace of Mind’ according to it’s product page, it is also sold with a 1 year warranty. We have yet to test it’s warranty claim.

It fulfills the mandatory requirements of needing to be waterproof which is good. It is also windproof and its quite lightweight and portable. Ticks all the must haves in a travel umbrella at least.

Dubbed as the ‘Classy’ umbrella, it is regarded to be the ‘epitome of sophistication that perfectly mixes and matches with any of your outfits.

We like it for it’s Anti-slip rubberised grip which is designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue for all that umbrella holding action on a strong crosswind kind of day.

We’re also impressed with its wide wing span for 37 inches of coverage. That’s 94 whole cm’s of rain cover!

The Plemo umbrella is certainly not a flimsy piece of kit. It’s rather sturdy, and quite well built. It works well as a travel umbrella that could simply fit in your bag on those city commutes or if you’re out on shopping.

You can find this umbrella for sale on Amazon

£12.99 with free delivery

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