Ziferblat is a strange place.

Imagine a warehouse converted into someone else’s living room, and it is open to the public. This is what Ziferblat is. A public living room where either you come with your friends to chill out, meet new people to play connect 4 or simply a place for you to work… that isn’t in your own living room.

The concept is simple. You pay per minute that you are there. Everything else inside is effectively free, or paid for even through this per minute tariff. At the time of writing, this stands at 8p a minute which is capped at 4 hours. This basically mean that if you stay beyond 4 hours, you won’t be charged a penny (8p) more for the rest of your stay.

Help yourself to all the cornflakes, tea, coffee and of course, the super fast wifi as much as you want. Although, we wouldn’t encourage you to overdose on too much caffeine…

It’s generally a very chilled out place with plenty going on. There is sometimes a bit of a buzz to the place with social events going on. Sometimes you can’t help but to pop your head around that corner only to discover a free guitar lesson going on or some kind of workshop going on.

It isn’t a bad place to pop in if you’re around the area, especially if it starts chucking it down outside and you simply don’t want to take refuge in a coffee shop.

Great for groups, even greater if that group of friends enjoys ¬†classic board games and a coffee in someone else’s living room…

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