Manchester Central Library has gone under some extensive refurbishment over the years which has transformed it into a stunning architectural & interior design wonder at the heart of the city centre.

It is a fully functional and public serving library, but it’s still worth to take a visit whenever you have the chance to.

The library has a mix of modern (futuristic) and traditional (original) design that seems to work rather well with each other. You just have to go in to see for yourself.

The place is big. Almost like a labyrinth of corridors, passageways and grand staircases. You could spend hours exploring this place.

There’s a lot to do in here.

Books is an obvious one. There are pods where you can watch films in relative privacy. There are Apple Macs loaded with Adobe to flex your digital creative side, or to simply browse the internet. The wifi here is super fast too, and it’s not a bad place to stop to charge up your phone without feeling rushed in a cafe.

Other things that we find unique here are the Xbox and Playstations which are free to play. The musical instruments such as the electronic drum kit, DJ decks, and piano is a nice surprise to see in a library. All free to play too.

Don’t forget to check out the central part of the library. It is a quiet room, so please be mindful of the people who are using this quiet space to study. When you walk inside, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say it is nothing short of breathtaking.

We love Manchester Central Library because it is a gem which people often overlook as ‘just’ a library. It could almost be a museum in it’s own right.

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