If you’re into museums and books, then the John Rylands Library is a must visit place in Manchester to check out.

Before you think that this is just another library in the city centre like the Central library, then you are mistaken.

The John Rylands library is more of a museum than it is a functional modern city council library. The library is a late Victorian neo-Gothic building which holds a very special collection books – considered to be one of the largest collections in UK.

You will find almost a million manuscripts and archival items held here collected from across the world. Some people may be excited to know that a fragment of the Gospel of John is housed here on show.

Beyond just the books and archival text, you will find the John Rylands library to be something of an architectural and design marvel. Neo-Gothic as they call it, but this is something you have to see for yourself.

John Rylands library is easily accessible and can be found on Deansgate road. The library is sutationed right on the doorsteop of Spinningfields, and the entrance is to the side of the giant Armani glass building. As it is now owned by Manchester University, as you enter through the revolving glass doors, you will be met by friendly reception staff that will point you to the entrance to the Library.

It’s free to enter, perfect for families and suitable for a rainy days activity. There is even a little gift shop and the obligatory museum-like cafe onsite.

Bring a camera, give yourself an hour to explore the place, enjoy a cup of tea and stay dry.

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