17 Below is an 80’s style retro themed bar complete with arcade machines and pool tables.

Located in the area of Albert Square in Manchester, it’s location is somewhat unconventional.¬†You won’t be able to find any signs outside, so don’t try looking.

The bar is actually under an underground bar called Dogs and Dough – which is hidden in an alleyway itself, just next to Subway. However, it’s not that straightforward as that either. The entrance to 17 below is actually inside Dogs and Dough, at the other end of the bar, through a nondescript door. They certainly haven’t made this place easy to find, but that’s the charm.

Whilst Dog’s and Dough has that hint of America, complete with American film classics such as Back to the future on it’s screens, 17 below takes it up a notch and delivers some classic pop tunes and ballads from the 80’s blasting through it’s speakers whilst you’re running away from Ghosts on Pac Man, or trying to beat your mate on Track and Field.

Did we mention that the arcade machines are free to play? However, the bar operates a policy where they only let a limited amount of people in at a time. This is so that people aren’t queuing up to play on the machines, and it isn’t exactly the biggest bar around either.

We don’t typically mention bars in our ‘what to do inside’ guide, but we felt that 17 below deserves a notable mention for it’s unique offering. It is certainly a nice break away from the typical bars that you’ll find around Manchester in the area. A nice hidden surprise tucked away in the heart of Manchester, one that you hope not everyone will discover.

Not everyone knows about this place, and that’s where the charm. It’s one of those places that would make you fall back in love with Manchester (not that you fell out of love with it in first place), but discovering something like this, breathes a new perspective of things to do in the city.

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