18 Days without rain came to an end…

Firstly, we have to thank everyone for visiting the site recently.We didn’t expect Rainchester to suddenly get so popular… who knew the dry spell would see the website receive so much traffic in the last week or so.

We thought we’ll write this post to clear something up that many users have messaged us about recently –¬†Yes, it did rain the other day – Midnight on Tuesday to be exact.

When we set out to build Rainchester, it was purely for fun. It was never to be scientific, and by that we mean, it was never to be intended as your 100% reliable source for the weather report in Manchester. However, having said that, we are using Real (live) weather data that feeds into our custom weather tracker we built just for this site. Whilst we were putting this together, we had a think about what we would consider as ‘Rain’ (we didn’t spend long on this, honest). We decided that, no matter how little it rained, even if it’s a drizzle, it still counts as rain.

And after 18 days of completely dry conditions in Manchester, it rained 0.1mm on Monday night, going into Tuesday morning. Ever so briefly (only for 10-20 minutes) and that was enough to reset our counters.

We’re sorry it wasn’t the downpour we all wanted (and for the benefit of our plants), but there is nothing we can do about the count. If it rained, it’s rained.

Here’s a screenshot as a momento of the extremely rare occasion when Manchester went without rain for 18 days…


Rainchester 18 days

Marvel at that in all it’s glory. We may never see anything like it for years to come…



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